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DoTERRA Essential Oils-Is It the Business For You?

doTERRA- Is it the business for you?

Why you should be considering doTERRA as a business opportunity?

So you are obviously interested in essential oils, have used them with success, want a side hustle you can start from home or have heard the buzz around them, and want more information.

In general, people are impacted upon by unhealthy practices e.g. bad food choices, and environmental issues and are seeking more natural, holistic solutions outside of the more traditional pharmaceutical solutions. There is a trust in the old ways and a desire to work on wellness so it supports our journey to ultimate health. Health is not just about going to a doctor or a pharmacy but it is about making daily choices  that impact upon our overall wellness.

So you see, there is a huge niche out there looking for solutions and doTERRA is able to support those people looking for solutions to everything from skin care, hair care, dental care, general wellness, healing, and natural cleaning solutions for the home. 

Is a doTERRA business a good fit for you?

  • Do you have the desire to have a more natural, chemical free lifestyle for you and your family?

  • Are you willing to continue learning about essential oils and support other people learning about them?

  • Are you willing to share your ideas and experiences with others? An example of this- the other night, my partner came home limping so I used Ice Blue on his heel etc. I passed this experience on to my groups( with more explanation, of course). SIMPLE AS THAT!

  • Do you like helping others?

  • If you already have a strong belief and passion for essential oils, are you willing to share your belief and passion?

  • Do you wish to work with products that are pure, high quality, therapeutic grade?

  • Do you wish to work with an ethical, generous company that provides you with great products at wholesale prices plus great incentives that help you get products free or much cheaper?

  • Do you wish to work with a company that has a passion for helping the communities from whom they source the products? DoTERRA leaves a huge imprint on communities by providing ethical employment, services, training and education in third world communities.

  • Would you like to work from home? Your sponsor can demonstrate a workshop, if you choose to have a one on one session with a client, or a small group of 3-4. It is not cumbersome, nor is a party expected as we don't wish clients to be out of pocket. Or you can do most , if not all, of your work online so your clients order online and it is shipped directly to them. You just see your commission and accumulated points at the end of the month and you can choose to buy or put it in your bank.

DoTERRA provides you with a beautiful website that is a high quality website. It is up to you whether or not you have a blog, in addition to your doTERRA site.

DoTERRA Essential Oils-Is It the Right Business For You?

How do you market doTERRA products?

You try to share your information everyday- Facebook has doTERRA groups and you will automatically be invited to your sponsor's group, if you decide to join as a Wellness Advocate (not necessarily a sales rep).

You can build your own Facebook Page or group and put up some ads with your links, or just share your 'oily' thoughts.

You can share your links through other Social media. I do a lot on Social Media and am very willing to help you with the what's and how's of Social media advertising. I love graphic design and can help you a lot with your ads.

You can carry your business cards around with you and hand them out, when an opportunity arises, while you are out of the house.

You can carry a small essential oils pack in your bag. There are different sizes- the smallest bags carry 6 or 8 products, and grab the opportunity to get them out and show others, when you are out and about.

OK I'm in! How do I get started? (Read my last post and find out what motivated me to jump in and start a doTERRA business)

To start a business does not require any payment as such but all sales representatives are Wellness Advocates but not all Wellness Advocates are Sales Representatives!

I'll explain:

When you buy from doTERRA, you can be a retail customer and pay full price.

You can pay $35 and become a Wellness Advocate which entitles you to 25% (wholesale price) of all products, plus points for products bought by you and your customers. This builds very quickly and enables you to get lots of free products. For instance, for Peppermint, a retail customer would pay $34 while a Wellness Advocate pays $25.50 and 25 points towards another product.

I have another post you may like to read, with more background to this.

My daughter had no intention of doing it as a business but she is such a good wellness advocate that people are signing up with her. You know why??????? Because the products sell themselves! And if you have the passion and belief in the essential oils that just adds to your success.

After becoming a Wellness Advocate, you get a beautiful website and no other outlay. You can buy products, as you feel inclined.

If you are interested or would like to ask more questions, just click this link and it will take you to my doTERRA website and you can have a look around the website and there is a message box on the Home Page, if you would like a private message. You can also comment below this post.

For daily posts about essential oils, follow my Facebook page WellnessWithOilsSolutions

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I have affiliate links on this post for products I love and at no extra cost to you.

Aromatherapy Jewellery is the perfect complement to using essential oils- you can wear your favourite essential oil by dropping it onto the scent spheres or buying scented spheres. There is a wide selection of jewellery for the whole family, including pets and they are very complimentary to any outfit.

Aromatherapy jewellery to complement your essential oils

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils-Part 2.

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils-Part 2.

Do you need to know about the different ways to use essential oils? Definitely, a big YES! As time goes on, knowledge changes so we need to keep up with the latest knowledge if we are going to get the maximum benefit from our oils.

When I first came upon essential oils, it was when my older children were teenagers and, later, as a representative for Le Reve. (preceding post Part 1) At that time, essential oils were starting to appear in large department stores and oil burners were flying out the stores' doors. My first bottle of essential oil was Rosemary and that was 21 years ago, for the princely sum of $37 at Myer. We had quite a collection of oil burners at home. So that's what I used and, in all honesty, the effects were immediately noticeable on me. Later, with Le Reve at my fingertips, I had quite a collection of oils in my pretty box.

When I worked in a particularly stressful environment, I would come home and use my relaxing oils- often geranium, rose and lavender- and have a power nap before making dinner. It was so refreshing as I could have a short but deep, rejuvenating nap.

Since those days, the knowledge has changed. I signed up with doTERRA as one of my daughters suffers from a chronic condition, and she was seeking complimentary ways of enhancing her wellness. She made up a mixture of oils blended with coconut oil for my never-ending throat tickle and with a half teaspoon of this mixture, I had relief for the rest of the afternoon and night. That was the winning point for me!

How have the ways of using essential oils changed?

When I originally started using essential oils, I always used an oil burner. Today, the word is that, when you burn the oils, you are killing their potency and therefore not getting the full benefits of the essential oils. So I defer to this knowledge and, although I did feel the effects of the essential oils using a burner, I want to get the full effect of the oil by using the different methods now advocated.

Different Ways of using your essential oils:

  1. Aromatic Way- inhaling or using a diffuser to support your airways and affect your mood.
I use the doTERRA diffuser and it has cool vapour so it does not affect the potency of the oils. I have a myriad of doTERRA recipes for making different concoctions as to what I want to inhale or diffuse. As you become more knowledgeable about the oils, you start to make up your own recipes and many doTERRA groups share their experiences and recipes- like a devoted club of members helping each other out.

  1. Topically-apply to the bottoms of the feet or specific areas of the body.
Did you know that if you massage essential oils into the feet, it only takes 20 seconds to filter into your body. It is also a safe method to use with children and babies, when diluted in the correct amounts. For more information, on correct amounts, you can visit my pinterest essential oils board

  1. Drop under the tongue, or put the oil into a gel cap, or in water to support digestion. DoTERRA is 100% pure and is certified as safe to ingest. Each batch can be traced to its source. If you are not using doTERRA, don't ingest unless the product has a guarantee as to its safety.

Safety message for you- ALWAYS make sure the essential oil you are using is a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil. It must be guaranteed pure, natural, and free of synthetic compounds and contaminants.

Using essential oils can be life changing but profoundly simple. Working with someone who has used essential oils before helps you have a more beneficial and enjoyable experience. I had this experience with my daughter and another Wellness advocate who has been using doTERRA oils for a few years. Both visited me, and we had a very enjoyable afternoon learning all about essential oils, looking through the books and pamphlets and asking about a wellness product that both my partner and I are purchasing in our next order. My partner has had 2 battles with cancer so he was very interested in learning all about the products to improve his immune system and increase vitality. This is the same principle of how essential oils were used in the passage of time as generations passed their knowledge down to their families.

I love essential oils and my partner and I have a lavender and coconut oil foot massage each night, and I also rub it 2-3 times a day into my eczema on my ankle, which is the result of an extreme allergic response to being bitten 16 years ago by sandflies plus a chemical burn from harsh steroid cream prescribed by a doctor. I use Whisper (new product)  as my perfume and my partner just keeps smelling me- we both love it!

How do I learn the different ways to use essential oils?

I joined as a WellnessAdvocate. It is not a fancy, shmancy name for getting you into the business. It just means that you are interested in learning more about essential oils and natural ways of caring for yourself and your family from doTERRA literature, websites, and from online groups on Facebook. I decided to pay $35 and get 25% of all products plus being allocated points value for each product I buy. Believe me, doTERRA is VERY generous in this regard and the points add up very quickly and, before you know it, it's time for you to choose a FREE product.

Why is it worth paying the $35?


Well, 25% is an extremely generous discount as, for example, I could pay $34 for peppermint oil or I could choose to pay $25. The maths. makes it an easy decision.
More maths.- 21 years ago, I bought a bottle of Rosemary for $37. I could pay doTERRA's price of $28.68 as a retail customer or, as a Wellness Advocate, pay $21.50. My daughter is absolutely delighted as she said she can't believe all the FREE products they parcel out to her because of the Points Value she receives for purchases- she says she keeps on getting!


The sharing of mutual experiences and a place to go where you can ask questions means you are constantly learning. If you buy from a shop, you walk out with the product and a few words from the staff, who may or may not know much about the many different uses and applications of the oil purchased, or you go home and do some research yourself. But the chances are that you will probably not learn the range of uses and different applications that are possible with essential oils.


Being a wellness advocate is not about being pressured to start your own business. It is about being able to afford pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils through their generous wholesale prices and learning and sharing experiences in the doTERRA community (if you want). You will automatically be invited to a doTERRA community online. How much you contribute is totally up to you. The opportunity is there if you wish to extend the offer to others in the community.


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Complement your essential oils with aromatherapy jewellery. You can get the benefit of the essential oils throughout the day. There is jewellery for all members of your family, including your pets. There are lots of options to choose from and the jewellery is very attractive, as well as functional. 

You can find interesting posts on my facebook page Wellness with Oils and you can message me on this page or on my doTERRA website.

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