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 Best Ways To Use Essential Oils

What is Aromatherapy?

The basic building blocks of aromatherapy are essential oils.

My first encounter with aromatherapy was when one of my daughters was doing VCE and I bought Rosemary oil to aid her studying.  At the same time, I was burning the candle at both ends and took time off as I was suffering from chronic fatigue. It was so debilitating that I could just sleep most of the day and still feel exhausted. I would wash the breakfast dishes and could hardly get through the chore without crashing on the couch for an hour of sleep. 

One day, I decided to burn some rosemary oil as I loved experimenting with different scents. However, this was the first time I used a high-quality essential oil. At this time, I had chronic fatigue for two months and thought there was a long road to recovery. 

As the oil burnt, I rested on the couch after doing the dishes. As I lay resting, my eyes literally popped open and I just felt good! Previously, it was an effort to open my eyes, whereas now I felt so good that I went outside and gardened for an hour. This was an incredible feat for me and I still felt great when I came inside. No exhaustion or muscle aches and pains. 

So essential oils became a part of our family life and my daughters are also great advocates for essential oils.  They have substituted all laundry, cleaning, health and beauty routines and products, as much as possible, with products based on essential oils.  I would often burn combinations of lavender, rose, bergamot and be asleep within ten minutes. Why would anyone not try essential oils to enhance their overall health?

For more information on how to use essential oils in aromatherapy 

How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Life- Practical Uses

In the Home

Essential Oils can be used as substitutes for harsh and unhealthy chemicals used in the home. They can be combined with more natural sources, such as baking soda, water, vinegar to make great household products.

 My mum was a harsh chemical addict and I grew up with a cupboard full of these products to use throughout the house. However, I noticed that these products burnt my eyes and, literally, took my breath away.  

So we are making healthy changes, such as using natural products, like vinegar and essential oils for cleaning, disinfecting and deterring those pesky bugs that love to board with you.

Did you know that using lemon or peppermint oil deters bugs, spiders, and even mice? They hate it!  

Did you know that you can make a carpet deodorizer using your favourite oils? If you are having a party, use lemon or lime to rev up the atmosphere.

Do you want a bug free, beautifully scented linen cupboard?

These are just some of the things you can achieve with the use of essential oils. 

More to come about using essential oils in the home.

Personal Use

Last year, I bought a beautiful essential oil moisturiser from a chemist. It was so good, I bought it for my elderly mother who was not able to use moisturisers anymore, as her eyes kept tearing after use of the cream. It contained honey and rose oil and, although I am older now, it made my skin glow and really did give my skin a more youthful appearance. 

Did you know that Lavender oil is good for dry skin while lemon oil is good for oily skin?

Did you know that you can make body sprays and perfumes using essential oils?

The reason I have asked these questions is to open your mind to the endless possibilities of using essential oils as Aromatherapy and to replace the methods we now take for granted ie. buying household products off the supermarket shelves without thinking about other simple solutions that are healthier.

Aromatherapy and Jewellery-How It Works

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What are 5 Health Habits You Can't Live Without?

What are 5 Health Habits You Can't Live Without?

What are 5 Health Habits You Can't Live Without?

Many chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle issues. People tend not to exercise as much as they should, they allow themselves to become overweight, and they eat unhealthy foods that lead to things like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes.

The problem with lifestyle issues is that they are difficult to turn around. Many people try to change their lifestyle all at once, which is extremely difficult to accomplish.

 As a result, they often give up all of their healthy habits and resort to the usual negative health habits that they had been doing before they attempted a healthy lifestyle. 

Sometimes it just takes a few days or a few weeks of trying to live healthy before the individual becomes overwhelmed and stops living healthy. They stop exercising and go back to eating processed foods and junk foods.

This is why it is better to change your health habits one habit at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed and stop trying to be healthy altogether. 

Most weight loss programs work if they are done carefully and don’t deprive the individual too much. The same is true of exercise programs. If you choose an exercise that you really enjoy or increase your physical activity more gradually, you can usually stick to the program so that you don’t become discouraged and quit exercising altogether.

The trick to health living is to begin gradually. Don’t try any trendy diet or fitness fad. If you try these things with gusto, you are likely to respond negatively and you won’t stick with the programs. 

There are a few simple things you can do to live a happier and healthier life. 

Start with just these 5 changes in health habits:

1.     Try eating one healthy meal a day.

Even if you eat processed foods most of the time, if you try to eat just one healthy food each day, you will feed your body with good nutrition and healthy proteins. Healthy meals consist of mainly fruits and vegetables, supplemented with whole grain products, and lean meats.

It doesn’t matter how much you eat because, if the food is healthy for you, it won’t usually contain a lot of calories and won’t cause weight gain as can be seen when you eat junk foods or highly processed foods. Even so, you should try to watch your portion sizes. Protein is calorie dense so keep your meat portions the size of your palm.

I found the times I ate my meals had a great impact on my cravings and energy levels. I used to have afternoon cravings and, as I got older and became more in tune with my body, I realised that the less I ate earlier in the day, the worse my afternoon and evening cravings were.

As I ate breakfast around 6.30-7 am, I decided to have my lunch at morning break, weaned myself off endless cups of coffee and replaced it with a large glass of water. I ate my snacks for lunch and I did not have hunger cravings after this as I felt full all day long. I started not even wanting to eat my fruit until after work, on my way home. I also started to cook slightly more at night so I would take this for lunch, instead of sandwiches. After a couple of years, people who had remarked on this habit changed from sandwiches daily to “left-overs”, as well.

2.     Drink a glass of water before each meal.

Water is perhaps the best liquid you can drink. When you decide to drink a glass of water before meals, (an 8-ounce glass is enough), you will feel fuller before eating, and you won’t eat as much at the meal that follows a drink of water.

If you like, you can squeeze some lemon or lime into the water.

Our bodies can give us signals that are hard to read, in terms of hunger and thirst. We may often be thirsty and we think it is a signal that we want to eat. This is another benefit of drinking water regularly throughout the day.

3.     Be active during lunch. 

    Even if you are given a half-hour to eat, it usually doesn’t take that long to eat your meals. Try eating your meals and then take some time to exercise. You don’t have to work out excessively but you should be able to take a brisk walk. Not only will this energise you but also it will help burn off the calories you just ate and will aid in the digestive process.

It really doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do as long as you choose something reasonable that will help you feel better after eating your lunch. Exercising during lunch also helps decrease the stress of your job and will make the rest of your day go easier. It also takes the focus off food and moves you away from the table.

     If you are at home, you can do a spot of gardening, walk the dog or do some shopping.

    4.     Try a Meal Replacement Bar. 
    This involves eating a healthy protein bar as a snack instead of junk foods. Most meal replacement bars contain a lot of good nutrition and fibre. They are also not as calorie-rich as you would think. They help stave off hunger pangs that are so typical of the mid-afternoon time.

Keep a stash of these protein bars in your desk at work or in your purse or brief case so you can grab one whenever you feel hungry. It will keep you from going to the vending machines and eating poor food choices. Try eating a meal replacement bar that is high in fibre and that has at least 10 to 15 grams of protein per bar.

5.     Exercise regularly.

You can keep it simple and walk for half an hour 3 times a week initially.

I found that when a walked twice a day and ate anything I wanted,  I consistently lost 3 kilos in a fortnight, with a pleasing corresponding loss of inches. An inspiring walk for me was to meet up with a walkers group every Saturday morning to walk around the beautiful Botanical Gardens early in the morning when the scent of the gardens wafted from the gardens. Twice around the gardens was 8 kilometres and it is amazing how quickly it goes when you are part of a group.

If you have a gym membership, try going there at least 3-4 times per week. Choose an activity you enjoy and make the most of it for at least a half hour per session. This will help energise you, may build muscle mass, and will help you lose weight by burning off excess calories. 

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